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Cryptoventures Is One Of The First STO Complete Service Provider in The World with a Strong Focus on Integrated Communications for Blockchain Ventures  Exposure On The Global Scale


The process of using an STO to raise funds does not differ greatly from the traditional fund-raising approaches such as STO, Cryptoventures provides a complete set of services that will enable our Client to take the journey toward a successful STO and fundraising, helping the Client go through the technical and legal complexities of this method. Our services include the standard project definitions, business planning, benchmarking, and various other relevant services toward achieving a successful Token Offering.


Marketing is essential not only in the success of the business but also in the fundraising, with tokens or with standard methods. The new Token Offerings have shifted focus on certain marketing channels such as social media and messaging platforms, such as Telegram and WhatsApp groups. Cryptoventures provides a complete set of marketing services directly and through a network of specialized agencies globally. It also has a strong network of relevant investors who understand the investment via the use of Tokens


Our global experience and contacts within the blockchain world, in the media related to our trade. makes us a unique choice for global and regional PR.

Working not only with every major News Agency on the planet but publishing video, print, online news and articles over seventeen languages around the world. China, Hong Kong , Tokio, Russia, Europe, America and Latin America to name a few regions and languages we cover.

In conection  with major Crypto Influencers in Youtube, Instagram, Bloggers, News leaders related to our trade, reaching millions of investors every day.


 As the Security Token industry is maturing and developing, many players are establishing themselves in this growing new segment of the economy. Cryptoventures is an early player in the global STO advisory domain and one of the very firsts in the MENA and Asia region. We have therefore partnered with various technology providers and platforms early on, to provide the best options to the Client with the best of breed technology providers in this domain.


Legally-Compliant Tokens

The tokens are issued with an embedded code called smart contracts. This includes some of the relevant legal and compliance requirements, such as jurisdiction requirements for securities issuance, investors accreditation, etc. This mitigates the risk of authorities stopping or delaying the token issuance. We ensure their compliance as part of our consultancy services.

Global Investors Reach & Liquidity

We work with the key players in the STO industry globally, including major compliant exchanges that will provide access to internationally vetted investors and access to quicker and more liquid funds.


Blockchain technology provides higher transparency of transactions without sacrificing the specific privacy requirements. Implementation of KYC, AML, and Investors Accreditation is done using a blockchain platform that provides the regulators with the key requirements as well as giving access to a wider and bigger network of investors globally.


As the underlying technology for both the development and issuance of Tokens,  Cryptoventures leading partners with their core team has a strong experience in technology from the early days of cloud-computing to online software development. Cryptoventures has key companies specialized in technology development as members of its group, in addition to access to international players in the field. Our team can assist in the development of the MVP and the underlying blockchain products as well as the token issuance and management platforms.